September 29, 2006

Tennis Elbow Treatment - Steroids Not Best

A new study has found that the best treatment for tennis elbow may not be steroid shots, but simply letting the injury heal on its own. While steroid shots do give immediate relief, they may not be the best option in the long run.

Steroid shots swiftly relieve pain. But they may not provide a permanent fix. Steroid joint injections carry risk for joint damage if done too often, and joint infection. After getting steroid shots, patients may have felt so much better they overdid activity, making re-injury more likely, the researchers note.

Steroid Shots May Not Ace Tennis Elbow

September 28, 2006

Athletic Injuries Declining in High School Athletes

U.S. high school athletes are suffering fewer injuries than they were ten years ago according to a new report.

"While part of the decrease is due to a different definition of injury, we know that sports-related injury rates are decreasing because of rule changes, improvements in protective gear, and in the diagnosis and treatment of injury," she said.

U.S. High-School Athletes Suffering Fewer Injuries